"Wow, this is so beautiful outside!"

Liu Boming sighed after leaving the cabin for the first time in a new space suit

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3D Interactive Model of Feitian Spacesuit

You can use the mouse to click and drag to interact with the model. The 3D model of the second-generation Feitian extravehicular spacesuit is provided by "Little Black House Studio". In order to ensure the rendering performance of the webpage, the number of faces has been reduced. The model may be different from the actual one. , For reference only. The copyright of the model belongs to the original author. If you need to cite, please indicate the source.

"Feitian" extravehicular space suit

Feitian II

On July 4, 2021, the Shenzhou XII astronauts wore a outer suit with many improvements and upgrades. The second-generation 'Feitian' space suit was completely different from the first-generation Feitian space suit: it The head has become more square, and a 'skylight' has been added inside to facilitate looking up; the lights on both sides of the head are further integrated with the camera, and the whole is placed on the head for easy installation; improved metal joints And pressurized gloves make astronauts' operations in space more flexible and more precise; the blue strips of the space suit appear more agile and elegant, showing a unique sense of beauty.
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