AR launches Shenzhou-13

We use the AR augmented reality of the mobile phone to restore the launch process of Shenzhou-13, which was launched at 0:23 on October 16, 2021 using the Long March 2F carrier rocket.

* AR only supports the Safari browser of IOS mobile devices

Mini rocket
The Long March 2F rocket model is reduced by 1% according to the real scale, and it is about 50cm high. You can easily put it on the table in the house without worrying about the huge rocket bursting your room.
Standard rocket
The Long March 2F carrier rocket has a height of 58m. Through the camera, you will see a super-large real-scale rocket model. Remember to look for a relatively open space around you to place it.


  1. Which devices can experience the AR augmented reality function?

    You can experience it on Apple devices (iPhone or iPad) running iOS12 and above by clicking the "Enter Min/Standard AR" button.

  2. Is there a demo video to watch?

    Yes, considering that Android users cannot access AR, we have recorded a hands-on experience video, you can click here to watch it.

  3. Will it be supported on Android phones in the future?

    Because the current compatibility of Android online browsing AR is very poor, it does not support Android devices for the time being. However, in the future, more Android users will be able to access this model through iterative methods.

  4. Why is there no flame?

    We tried many times to put the flame jet on the tail of the rocket, but unfortunately all failed. The effect was very poor, so we removed it, and we have the opportunity to try more possibilities in the future.

  5. Is the trajectory in AR real?

    No, AR uses an approximate parabolic trajectory in order to be simple to implement. Time and altitude are not official data, and are only for demonstration.

  6. Does the model effect come from the official?